5 End of Summer Projects for Home Sellers

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It’s hard to believe August is ending and autumn is right around the corner! Now is the time to plan out projects that need to be done before Wisconsin winter weather hits. Here are five good projects to begin now in preparation for the rest of the year.

  1. Outdoor painting. Even if a full paint job isn’t in order, touch up any areas on the exterior of your home that look rough.
  2. Outdoor caulking and sealing. This is a great time to check for possible leaks and cracks. Without a tight seal, cold weather can sneak through and mean higher heating bills. Seal leaks and cracks with caulk and look at the trim around each window to ensure a tight fit.
  3. Concrete and asphalt patching. Concrete cracks or holes can be repaired with epoxy patching material, and asphalt can be repaired with asphalt patching material and should be sealed every other year.
  4. Patio and deck maintenance. Wood decks need rotted boards replaced, painted, and stained. For brick patios, missing bricks should be replaced and level off areas where tree roots have pushed up bricks.
  5. Landscaping. Dropped fruits and nuts should be removed from under trees to deter animals. Keep trees and bushes trimmed so they don’t scrape the side of the house

    These five projects should keep houses in great shape for homeowners. Early preparation throughout the end of summer will allow you to enjoy the season, rather than focusing on housing projects.

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