Shorewest Shares: Five Home Renovations That Affect Resale Value Negatively

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SS3Many sellers think they need to upgrade their homes before they sell, trying to add more value. However, there are some renovations that affect resale value negatively. Below are five home renovations to avoid before you sell your home:


  • Trendy Upgrades. Many sellers think that upgrading their home with something that is “trendy” now will help their resale value. This can actually hurt resale value. Keep your home simple and allow the potential seller to view themselves living in your space.



  • Bedroom Conversion. Many sellers are converting their extra bedrooms into an extended closets or home offices. However, a converted bedroom can turn a potential buyer away. If a family is searching for a certain number of bedrooms, the converted bedroom of your home won’t help them.



  • Too much personalization. When you own your home, you can personalize it whatever way you want. However, you may turn off potential buyers if you add too many personalized features. When you are getting your home ready to sell, it’s important to stick to neutral finishes.



  • Garage conversion. Many sellers want to convert their garage into a different room (weight room, craft room, activity room). In Wisconsin, many buyers won’t look at a home if there’s not a garage.



  • Adding a swimming pool/hot tub. A swimming pool adds a nice addition to your home. However, adding a pool or hot tub can be very costly. In Wisconsin, keeping your hot tub warm throughout the winter comes with cost, too. Pipes and motors could freeze, costing you lots of money. A pool can also be a liability for buyers with young children.


Resale value is important, and there are some renovations that you should avoid making. If you’re thinking of selling your home, contact your Shorewest Agent today.

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