Shorewest Shares: How To De-Clutter and Get Organized for the New Year

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The best way to start 2015 is by de-cluttering and staying organized. Here are 22 tips to help you get started:

1. After purchasing new electronics, download the user’s manual and store in your iCloud. This way you won’t lose it, and it saves you from paper clutter.
2. Remember the rule of five every time you clean. When cleaning our your closet or bedroom, get rid of at least five things (trash, old magazines or something you haven’t used in awhile).
3. Velcro your remotes. You will never lose a remote again.
4. Hang your bags with shower curtain hooks. The hooks take up less space than hangers, and it’s a great way to store other items that don’t have a place (socks, scarves, belts).
5. Utilize your under-desk space.
6. Make a stuffed animal pen with bungee cords. They’re easy to find and easy to put away.
7. When cleaning a bedroom, always make the bed first. The messy bedroom will look out of place with the bed neatly made.
8. Clean out your fridge. Check expiration dates and mentally plan your new grocery list.
9. Limit your closet. Limit yourself to a certain number of  hangers. Then when you buy a new piece and donate an old piece.
10. Corral cords with a sock.
11. Use compartmentalized boxes for small things you need to keep organized.
12. Declutter your Facebook feed. Make a friends/family/coworker list, hide all stories from Candy Crush — pick what you want to read on Facebook.
13. Fold your bedsheets and stuff them in a matching pillowcase.
14. Hang your mail holder on the side of a table or kitchen counter.
15. Open your mail next to the recycling bin so you can purge unwanted mail.
16. Hang lesser used cords on Command hooks inside your cupboards.
17. In your garage, hang a basket so you can wrap the hose around it and keep the sprinkler inside.
18. Run a power strip through the back of your nightstand so you can charge your gadgets out of sight.
19. Use a pegboard and zip ties underneath your desk to keep your wires neat.
20. Keep your cleaning supplies handy in a mobile bucket caddy.
21. Use hooks and not a bar for your towels.
22. Identify your personal clutter traps and conquer them.


Inspired by our Pinterest Board Home Organization and Storage.



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