Speed Cleaning Tips for Straightening Up in a Flash

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No one likes to spend all of their time cleaning the house, and you might not always have an adequate amount of time to clean up before guests casually drop by. Use these 5 tips to speed up your cleaning process everyday

  1. Try using a snow windshield sweeper to pull pet hair off upholstery and carpets. Those sweepers have fibers with frayed ends that can reach in and grab stubborn pet hairs.
  2. Keep your baseboards clear of dust and animal hair by cleaning with a dryer sheet. The anti-static in dryer sheets helps keep your baseboards cleaner for longer.
  3. If you have tall windows, they’re difficult to clean and are probably an easy place to neglect. Take a cleaning pad mop (like a Swiffer) and attach a microfiber cloth to the mop head. Spray lightly with quality window cleaning spray and then mop your windows until they shine.
  4. Use baby oil as an easy replacement to make stainless steel and chrome shine. Simply add a small drop to a microfiber cloth and polish until shiny.
  5. Scratched on other furniture? A simple fix like lemon oil will camouflage scratches and gouges. Don’t have any? Grab a walnut and the nut’s natural oils will rub into the scratch.

These five tips are easy ways to spruce up the house as quickly as you can. For all of our Tips & Advice blog posts, follow our Pinterest board

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